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PPC ROI Calculator. Business Valuation Tool. FREE Backlink Checker Tool. With this backlink checker tool powered by SEMrush, you can see the top backlinks pointing to a specific domain. Quality backlinks can help you outrank your competitors and get you additional referrer traffic. Enter a URL below to check the number of backlinks you have, anchor text, and more. Free SEO Analysis. Get Your Free SEO Roadmap Analysis. Get an analysis into your SEO, competitors, industry, and a roadmap to move forward with. Schedule a time to receive your report. Pick a Time. How To Use This Tool. Do you know the SEO power of backlinks? After reading this how-to section youll understand how integral backlinks are to your websites rankings and how to obtain a few without having to put in hours of blog outreach. The HOTHs FREE Backlink Checker Tool is one of the easiest ways to conduct link research on your competitors and discover what you can do to boost your sites SEO. This tool appears pretty simple at first but the secret is knowing what each of the results means. Start off by making a list of all your competitors.
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Every web admin or SEO professional needs to be aware of toxic backlinks and make searching for them part of their ongoing search engine optimization efforts. If you have noticed a steep decline in web traffic that might signal a penalty, you should do an audit at your earliest convenience. However, many webmasters choose to do them routinely to spot potential issues before they impact rankings. Get the raw data. Backlink audit tools take a lot of the guesswork out of gathering the data you need to launch an audit, and there are plenty to choose from out there like Semrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat and GrowthBar. Pick your favorite, set up an audit, and set your desired parameters. The tool will then search the web for existing backlinks that fit your criteria.
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Step 5: Re-check suspicious backlinks manually. It's' up to you how strict" your backlinks cleaning-up will be, but removing lots of backlinks at once may cause a ranking drop, so, not to overdo with link removal, you need to smell-test the suspicious links manually and get rid of your links in the most glaring" cases only. How-to: Examine the risky linking domains. Still in Backlink Profile - Linking Domains submodule, in the Linking domains tab, go through the available columns to double-check all the suspicious links you've' found. Select the domains and click the update button to check if the domain is relevant to your topic, and if the website itself is trustworthy. Check how much traffic each backlink brings. Although not an SEO factor, stats on traffic through backlinks let you see which of your links bring actual visits to your site. The data on referral traffic is driven from Google Analytics. So, you need to specify your Google Analytics credentials, if you haven't' done it at the beginning, and the audit tool will sync with your GA account and gather the traffic stats.
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December 6, 2021 June 17, 2019 by Ashwin Satyanarayana. When you use SEMrush for Backlink audits, you are essentially doing a quick health check on the backlink profile of your website. Whos linking to you? Are those links genuine and healthy or are you being bombarded with all sorts of shady links to your site? When you have too many shady links pointing to your website it happens without you knowing about it, your overall toxic score increases. Thats when you get into dangerous territory. High toxic link scores ruin your chances of doing better with your SEO and to rank well on Google. Backlink audit might sound fancy to you it does to me.
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The things you can do with the API are wonderful. I use about 20 API from different providers including SEMrush to create my in-depth audits. For beginners on a tight budget, though, and those carrying out the first seo audit of their site, SEMRush is a great option to get an idea of some of the technical issues facing your site. Table Of Contents. How To Use The SEMRush Site Audit Tool. Introduction to the SEMRush Technical Audit. The SEMRush Site Audit Tool is a fast and painless way to quickly identify simple technical or basic on-page issues your website may have, with minimal fuss and preparation. Reports are ready within minutes, are easy to understand even for the most inexperienced users and include practical solutions for issue resolution and guidance for further investigation/research where required. The tool automatically crawls your website and checks it against an extensive set of industry expectations and standards when it comes to usability. I wont list the full set of tests/checks in this article, but some notable features of the audit include.: Identify Broken Links -: Internal, External Images are checked. Page Meta Review -: Titles or Descriptions too long, too short, missing or duplicate?
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It analyzes more than 100 issues from categories such as social media, backlinks and mobile usability. Each issue detected will be accompanied by a solution based on SEO best practices. Furthermore, the tool allows you to check your website content quality. The information includes duplicate content, unique content, similar or thin content. With this, you can easily filter out unnecessary content or optimize and re-publish that content. Free version: Yes unlimited - 7 day trial - credit card needed. Export to PDF option: Yes. Email audit option: No. Download your audits: No. SEOptimer is another nice tool to use. This SEO audit tool gives you a quick look at your on-page SEO, with a report generated detailing your sites Performance Issues, Social Media Issues, On-page SEO Insights, and Security Score. You can easily generate a report by the browser extension, available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Moreover, they provide a responsive test that shows if your website is tablet, mobile, laptop, and desktop friendly. Free version: Yes 14 day trial - no credit card needed. Export to PDF option: Yes. Email audit option: No. Download your audits: Yes. With WooRank you can get relevant recommendations for your top web pages.
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For the most part, unless youre aware of kind of regular activity that a previous SEO or like someone in the past has been doing for your website with regards to links then I wouldnt worry about it. While this may be true, its also true that Google evaluates the domains that link to yours when it decides your ranking. For example, if youre trying to run a legitimate supplement site and all your backlinks are coming from shady pseudoscience sites that were already penalized by Google for spreading unsubstantiated health claims, that could pose a problem. Thats where our jobs as marketers come in. Its on us to make these calls. How to Find Backlinks to a Specific Page or Domain with BuzzSumo. Youve probably noticed that WordPress has a mini built-in backlink checker. When someone links to your site in another post, you get a notification in your pending pingbacks. However, the WordPress tracking also shows your internal links, so it gets crowded. Plus, many external links slip through the cracks. Your best bet is to use a special tool for running your backlink audit like BuzzSumo.
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View all events Submit your event. Donate to: SEO Review Tools. If you like these free tools, you might consider donating a small amount to keep SEO review tools running. Make a donation Jasja ter Horst. Thanks in advance! Related Tools Posts. Free Google Rank Checker Update. Website Traffic Checker. Fresh Backlink checker. Broken link checker. Domain Rank Tracker. Website Authority Checker. Bulk Domain Rating Checker. Domain Authority Page Authority Checker. SEO Competitor Checker. Link Building Tool. 82 thoughts on Free Backlink checker. This is an amazing tool for analysing a website backlinks profile. Jasja ter Horst admin. The selection for Show external links pointing to is now set at Domain by default because according to analytics insights, this is the most frequent used setting. Thank you for this great tool! Jasja ter Horst admin. Youre welcome Erwin! Jasja ter Horst admin. Updated version of the tool description and backlink checker features. Seems from today I see some changes in the backlink report. Cant find the follow and nofollow links in the report. What should I do? Jasja ter Horst admin. Yes since this month Ill be working with SEMrush as API provider for the Backlink Checker.
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Use A Backlink Auditing SEO Monitoring Software. Why not use a backlink auditing SEO monitoring software to make everything easier? One of the best SEO reporting software we used so far is SEMRush. With SEMRush Backlink Audit Tool, you can find out spammy website and disavow toxic backlinks.
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These may be links that are broken or links that the website owner has deleted from their page. Armed with this data you can then approach the website manager and see if they can fix any 404 errors or perhaps re-include those links to your site. When youre spying on your competitors backlinks you can filter them by link type and narrow down the domains you want to target for your own site. Price: Lite Plans are $99/month for 1 user. Plans are priced based on the number of users and projects with a full-blown agency plan costing $999/month. Yearly plans come with discounts. Moz Pro Link Explorer. Link Explorer is Moz Pros signature backlink checker and one of the best for developing a solid inbound link strategy. Compare up to 4 competitors with your own backlink profile to see what they might be doing differently in their strategy. Link Intersect allows you to see which sites are linking to your competitors but not you - making them prime sites to target. As well as reviewing each link, you can check out key details like the anchor text, spam score, page authorit y and domain authority.
How To Do A Link Audit Of ANY Website For Free - Backlink Audit Guide. How To Do A Link Audit Of ANY Website For Free - Backlink Audit Guide.
7.2 What To Look For. The Speed of Backlink Acquisition Link Velocity. 8.1 What To Look For. Number Of Referring Domains. 9.1 What To Look For.: Quality Of Referring Domains. 10.1 What To Look For. Types of Backlinks. 11.1 How Are These Links Being Served? 11.2 What To Look For. Anchor Text Profile. 12.1 What To Look For. Looking For Obvious Signs Of Spam/Malicious Elements. A Quick Look Through Referring IPs. 16 Before We Conclude - Second Opinion From SEMrush.: 17 Link Audit, When Done Right, MAKES You Money!
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Advanced SEO Textbook. 5 The SUSO Method: Backlink Profile Analysis Audit. Regularly monitoring your website's' link profile is an important step in ensuring your site's' SEO health. In this section, you will learn how to manually audit and analyse the links that are pointing towards your website. Periodically analysing the backlink profile of your website is crucial in ensuring its SEO health. This is especially important considering that links are one of the most powerful ranking factors for Google as well as other major search engines. For this reason, links are also one of the most potentially harmful components of your websites search presence. In this section, we will show you how to manually analyse and audit your websites backlink profile to identify any unnatural or problematic links which may hinder your websites rankings, or result in a Google manual penalty. Backlink Profile Audit. There are many tools that automatically perform a backlink audit for you, but to truly appreciate and understand the importance of performing this task, the manual approach is best. In order to complete this backlink audit, you will need.: An Ahrefs account.

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